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Why do I need Tough Foreclosure Defense? Why can't I handle this on my own? This is a question that many clients ask us. Over the last 5 years, the landscape of foreclosure defense game has changed greatly. Listed below are critical reasons for hiring an experienced foreclosure defense firm.

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Banks give specific attention to files to clients that are represented by aggressive defense firms. We see this happen every day once we fax in authorization forms from our firm—there is a definite level of respect given to us. They know they are subject to serious problems if anything peculiar happens during your case process. In recent years, all banks have paid 300+ million dollars in legal penalties. They simply can't afford to keep absorbing these losses.

If you represent yourself, banks will simply steamroll you through the foreclosure process. We keep the playing field level and make sure you are treated fairly within the limits of the law. With representation, you will have all options open to you. You will no longer be subject to the "loan mod runaround".

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